Electronic Plant Variety Protection (ePVP) System

Plant breeders can apply for plant variety protection from USDA’s Plant Variety Protection Office (PVPO) using the electronic application filing system. The ePVP System provides an efficient and secure way to 1) file new plant variety protection applications, 2) amend existing applications, 3) pay fees, 4) check the status of an application, and 5) correspond directly with PVPO staff. The ePVP System requires an applicant to establish an account prior to logging on.

Login to ePVP

First time users

All new ePVP System users must create an account (e-authenticated)

Domestic users: Request level 2 access and follow the instructions to establish the account.

International users: Request level 1 access only; and upon creating the account, email name and contact information to pvpomail@ams.usda.gov to finalize the account authorization

Click on here: https://www.eauth.usda.gov/ to create an account

For questions on e-Authentication or logging into the ePVP System, please send an e-mail to pvpomail@ams.usda.gov or call at (202) 260-8983.

Version 1.0.11 Dated 7/31/2018